What can you do?

1.Get the word out. Post and distribute our newsletter. Talk to people about the issues we are encountering. Barrage the media with your letters.

2. Circulate our petition to stop the development of the Home Depot/Costco development. (Call us for petition forms)

3. Call local politicians, write to Costco & Home Depot tell them you are against this development. If you favor our idea of constructing housing instead, tell them.

4. Become a member of the Alliance. There are four categories of membership: a) residents, b) business, c) civic organizations and subscribing members. Call to learn when we meet or what you can do. Call 212-348-8004 Gloria Quinones, Outreach Coordinator.

5. Donate your time or money.

BARA members have been donating their time, money, and services. Under the circumstances, our performance has been remarkable. That is no longer enough. BARA is in dire need of donations of time, expertise, money, and advice.

Join us!


Contact us...

341 East 116 Street
New York, NY 10029
Tel:, 212-410-5500, 212-348-8004
E-mail: BARA116@aol.com