About BARA

BARA was formed in Autumn 1998 in response to the proposed East River Plaza Home Depot/Costco shopping mall (116th to 119th Streets, FDR Drive to Pleasant Avenue) scheduled at the site at the old Washburn Coat Hanger Factory. BARA's members include business owners, residents and home-owners who are uniting in their deep concern for the future of their community.

BARA is in the process of applying for not-for-profit status and has just recently applied for funding from the Rockerfeller Foundation. BARA needs a source of funding in order to fully crystallize its organizational structure. The first priority is to hire an administrative assistant/ coordinator who can follow up on the suggestions made at the meetings.Eventually, we would like to propose a viable alternative to this project. Ideas are being discussed and plans are being drawn for a suite of residential buildings which would share a common waterfront park and recreation area.


Brian Ketchum, an environmental consultant who works with grass-roots community groups like ours, has been hired to respond to the Environmental Impact Study prepared by the Empire State Development Corporation. The East Harlem community was alloted 45 days to respond to the incomplete and partisan report. We sought Mr, Ketchum's expertise and are confident that his letter will call into question points regarding the toll of this development on our community.

Jack Lester, an attorney with considerable experience in similar matters, has been hired to investigate the possibility of delaying the demolition until the outstanding issues have been sufficiently addressed.



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